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InstaCLIPS Numero 4 refreshment by S.K.I.R.O.L


Small instaCLIPS refreshment by SKIROL accompanied by wonderful weather for skateboarding.

SKIROL InstaCLIPS with sequence number 04, take a bite of this mini delicacy from Skopje Skate cuisine. Featuring Petar Mladenovic, Ilija Stefanovski, Vladimir Tomovski, and Ilin Kolevski. Enjoy!

“Vesela Produkcija” is the name of the skateboard video production that was formed spontaneously by the skaters while making “SKIROL” – the first Macedonian skateboard video. “SKIROL” was a video presentation featuring footage of skateboarding performance taken mostly in Skopje’s skate park in the year 2000.

More videos are expected in the future. Always a pleasure to watch videos from the oldest skate video production in town. Make sure to follow S.K.I.R.O.L’s blog and stay up to date with instaCLIPS like this one, love life and go skate!

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