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FP Footwear Skate Test by Joey Brezinski

FP Footwear Skate Test by Joey Brezinski

Joey recently got his hands on the first production of FP Footwear Slip-on shoe designed by Daniel Espinoza and hit his local park Stoner Plaza to break them in.

FP Footwear here’s 1 day in a pair, they feel great right out of the box.

FP Footwear has some true innovation in them called Dynamic Gait Stabilization Outsole System.

  • Dynamic: The outsole adapts to each step and point of impact, absorbing nearly all shock energy.
  • Gait: Built-in heel cup and arch support guide the adaptive reaction of “FluidX Non-Newtonian Protection™” to support your foot’s biomechanical performance.
  • Stabilization: During large impacts stabilization of the joints is supported.
  • Performance comparison: Nike Janoski Lunarlon 53% energy absorption | FP DGS 91% energy absorption.
 FP Footwear Skate Test by Joey Brezinski


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