XMKD.com is a sporting goods store in Skopje, Macedonia!

We supply products and services for professional and recreational extreme sports athletes and promote the local people, places, and culture in connection with extreme sports.


Our roots are in the early 90’s skateboarding culture emerging on the streets of Skopje!

Back in 1999, we got an idea to make a website about skateboarding in Macedonia, we called it SK8MKD. The idea was to promote local skaters, skate spots, the scene, and everything in between. We soon started organizing sessions and contests where we documented the hype and recorded the progress of the scene. Then followed the full-length video series like SKIROL, now known as the Bible of Macedonian skateboarding, and the rest is history. We still keep a copy of the old website on our servers though it is not maintained and some parts may be broken. We encourage you to explore it: SK8MKD.com.

Expanding to other sports was inevitable in the 2000’s so we made a replica of the skateboarding idea to a bunch of other activities that were becoming popular at the time including aggressive inline skating, snowboarding, mountain biking, BMX, freeskiing, etc. Thus XMKD was born as a mothership portal.

Some of the notable contests we organized include Veles 2004 Skateboarding & Inline Skate Contest, Stokovna Kukja Most 2005 Skateboarding Contest, Rexona 2006 Skateboarding & Inline Skate contest, Here They Come 2004, 2005 a revolutionary International Inline Skate contest with a new format held on multiple locations around Skopje, following the skate session path of a regular skate day, exploring the city skate spots, ending with a party, and a couple of Go Skateboarding Day contest in the following years.

In 2013 an old dream became real. Including an online shop to our website. We also opened a truly local brick and mortar store and continue to support the scene in a unique way. Applying the same philosophy to all the brands we carry, choosing quality over quantity, products designed with care, and made with love for those who are looking for something different. Something unique. Something better.

In 2017 we initiated a new international skateboarding contest called One More Try Skopje, with a format very similar to the Here They Come Inline Skate contests we did back in 2004/2005 spiced with some new moods like jumping over stuff lit on fire and skate-thrashing an old Golf 1 car, picked up from other international skateboarding events we visited over the years like CPHOPEN & Dime Challenge. We invited the whole local community to participate including other skate shops, skateboarding brands, organizations, and teams with a goal to unite the scene as we realized only a united scene is a strong one. From 2018 the contest got the support from the City Of Skopje as a local event with important cultural significance for the promotion of the city.

The Crew