All Star Gum Shoe Glue Ice Strong 75 ml

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The Shoe repair glue of All-Star Gum from France is easy to apply and process. It will help the life of the surface and the sole of your shoes to extend multiple sessions. Or you use it directly with new shoes to protect with a thin layer of the adhesive from the outset the seams.

Content: 75 ml

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Instructions for repair:
– At first, the glue in a small area apply and check for compatibility
– Glue open (goes with the lid top)
– Clean the area to be glued and possibly roughen with some sandpaper
– Allstargum gel out of the tube, apply directly to stick to the shoe
– Remove About Stepped gel residue with a knife or toothpick
– Allow drying the shoes well (overnight)!

The maximum strength of the adhesive is reached after 24 hours.

Content: 75 ml

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