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Arthur Longo & Olivier Gittler – Side Hits Euphoria

Side Hits Euphoria by Arthur Longo & Olivier Gittler

Unlike icy pipes and perfect snow parks or unreachable backcountry peaks, side kicks and berms are something we all have in our local ski centers, they are simply available to everyone. Arthur Longo & Olivier Gittler know the difference!

Arthur Longo & Olivier Gittler spent some time this season capturing the treasures of the resorts showing us this kind of a ride we see exploding in near feature! Resort riding, side hits, random stuff on the slopes…

Oli (Gittler) and Arthur have always wanted to showcase their favorite thing to ride, random poppers and stuff on the side of slopes.

Made by: Olivier Gittler and Arthur Longo Filmer: Olivier Gittler Music: “Let It Live” Performed by Fuzz Courtesy of In The Red Records “XMAS” Performed by Olivier Gittler Courtesy of LEOPARD Ale Records.

Stay safe out there!

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