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SKR Crew new edit 1995 CRUZIN is online, featuring Filip Dicoski, Ilin Kolevski, Martin Ristevski, Aleks Andevski and Viktor Simonovski.

In this SKR – 1995 CRUZIN video Filip starts off with a switch banger line on MNT skate spot in Skopje, then locations change between Skopje and Ohrid. Ilin follows with a text book 360 flip over the 8 stair set on on of the oldest skate sports in town. Couple of tricks later Martin bangs the rough concrete with a nose press to kickflip our back on the bank.

Exciting K-grinds by Ilin, kickflips down empty pools by Martin and in comes Viktor with high tech tricks on familiar grounds ending with killer stair flips by Aleks.

Go watch this video it rules!

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