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PLAN B Skateboards – CODE

PLAN B Skateboards - CODE

Plan B Skateboards released their new brief and to the point full-length video “CODE”.

The new Plan B Skateboards – CODE video returns the company to its beginnings, with full-length videos like this one. Pat Duffy’s performance left us completely speechless. Man, he’s 47! The photography and music in the video really give it a skate video feel from the 2000s. It inspires you to go skating!

CJ performs one of the most brutal Nollie Backside Flips ever. Though Aurelien’s segment is a little brief, it was still fantastic. And Joslin kills bears with his technical ledge and switch skating, and his gap brilliance is on a god-tier level.  He’ll always able to surprise you with a wide range of tricks. Additionally, he is a workhorse who consistently produces top-notch video.
From start to finish, this entire video is fantastic. Plan B also released a series of decks each with it’s on QR code. If scanned, the QR Code on the bottom of each rider’s CODE deck leads you to their part on the CODE video.

Go watch this video it rules!

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