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SKIROL 1 Full Video by Vesela Produkcija

Vesela Produkcija: SKIROL 1 Full Video

Vesela Produkcija is the name of the skateboard video production that was formed spontaneously by the skaters while making SKIROL 1 – the first Macedonian full skateboard video.

SKIROL 1 is a full skateboard video presentation by Vesela Produkcija featuring footage of skateboarding performance taken mostly in the Skopje‘s only skate park at that time. It is consisted of six parts: (Intro), “Prv Del”, “Pero”, “Ludo”, “Vtor Del”, (Outro).

Other Skopje skate spots appearing in SKIROL 1 full skateboard video include Goce Delchev Monument plateau (or shortly Goce), Majka Tereza Monument plateau, Lotarija Parking, Gradski Trgovski Centar (GTC), Gradski Dzid so mostly spots in the center of Skopje skated at that time. Many still skated today!

Skaters in order of appearance:

“Prv Del” – Ivo, Ficho, Guster, Kiro, Psiho, Zeko and Rade.
“Pero” – Pero.
“Ludo” – Ludo.
“Vtor Del” – Miki, Trajche, Marko, Mate and Blazo.



Duration: 16 min.

Year of Release: 2001

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