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HEY HEY – The new EMillion summer vibes video!

New EMillion video HEY HEY!

The EMillion team is celebrating the summer vibes with this new HEY HEY video for which EMillion stands for. Going out with, skating with your friends, enjoying a happy life.

HEY HEY, As the EMillion motto goes: GO SKATE | LOVE LIFE!  The new EMillion video: HEY HEY!

Team: Alex Mizurov Ben Dillinger Benji Garcia Flo Westers Lawrence Ravail Lea Schäfer Richard Schulz.
Filmed by: Achille Isnard, Arthur Giat, Christian Bluemle, Franck Keunecke, Michael Kellner, Peter Mader, Teddy Morellec.
Edited by: Zitterbratze & Samak Kitvarametha

Go skate!