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AJZ Skate Camp 2016 - United by skate without borders

This is the 8th United by Skate Camp – Without Borders!, and the 3rd for the group of Macedonia!

AJZ Skate Camp. Eight years ago a group of youth activists based in Chemnitz, Germany decided to make something for the young people who struggle. So they started the project U.B.S which targeted the skate/BMX/inline and alternative/underground culture, aiming to unite a lot of people sharing this passion throughout Europe, in one place, for two weeks.

As obvious, this turned out really well! Three years ago, a Macedonian group was added to this camp. Coordinated by Hristina Gelevska, under the signature of S.A.M (Skateboarding Association of Macedonia), this was their third year in Chemnitz. The Macedonian group had guest participants from Slovenia and Croatia. Continue reading AJZ Skate Camp 2016 – TOTAL SKATE PARADISE!