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SnoPlanks give you Walk The Plank – Episode 3 2017

SnoPlanks: Walk the Plank 3

Hello to Bend, Oregon, home of the wind lip and the legendary Mountain Bachelor and SnoPlanks snowboards.

SnoPlanks – the third installation of Walk the Plank brings you on a journey from conception, to creation and operation at the SnoPlanks factory.

Riders Jonny Sischo, James Nicol, Will Dennis, Marissa Krawczak, Randal Seaton, and Forrest Devore.

All SnoPlanks are constructed with a solid bamboo core from tip to tail for maximum strength and responsiveness. The bamboo is surrounded by a 360-degree urethane sidewall that is fused to the core during the CNC milling process in order to implement essential durability and dampening characteristics.

A community of seekers, inventors, artists, lovers of wild places, and wild things, stepping lightly on this path and on by one falling out of line.

Relax and enjoy it!

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