Faction AMBIT


Intermediate Park & Pipe Ski

The 2014 Ambit by Faction is designed for doing tricks, whether you are in the park, the urban jungle, or in the backcountry taking advantage of nature’s “obstacles”. Park and pipe skis will have twin tips and more durable edges (to better withstand your abuse). Ambit holds true to tradition with a full camber profile, allowing for full-length edge pressure and more rebound energy from each turn. This ski has a narrower waist width (85-100 mm) ensuring the ski will carve on hardpack and allow you to precisely begin tricks. Freestyle skis, encompassing mogul and aerial skiing, are also included in this category.

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 As a women’s ski, Ambit will be lighter, shorter, and more flexible than its male counterpart. A women’s center of gravity is in her hips (a man’s is in his chest), so women’s skis are often constructed to move the skier’s center of gravity forward.

Traditional Camber Ski Profile

A traditional camber is also referred to as a “full camber” or a “positive camber.” A traditional camber puts spring and pop into a pair of skis, allowing for easy handling, powerful carving, and great grip on icy or hard packed snow. Traditional Cambers are historically the most popular profile for a ski.


Length Tip Width (mm) Waist Width (mm) Tail Width (mm) Radius (m)




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