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Freeride/All Mountain

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S 51-55, M 55-59, L 59-63
CE EN 1077:2007 Class B
S 445 g, M 485 g, L 510 g
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If skiing is your real passion and you want to be able to really lay down tracks whatever the conditions, then the brand-new AMPIRE is the helmet for you. Thanks to the premium quality HYBRID SHELL CONSTRUCTION, the helmet is light, highly comfortable and yet also robust. The RTS FIT SYSTEM means that it adjusts to your head shape in one simple step – always the perfect fit and superior protection. The MarkAIR CHANNEL SYSTEM with 2 POSITION CLIMATE CONTROL in combination with Xdry PERFORMANCE lining ensures optimal temperature regulation. Together with a pair of new MARKER goggles, the AMPIRE forms a superlative unit that greatly reduces any goggle fogging. Naturally the ear pads are compatible with audio systems so that your tunes will be with you wherever you are.


The best of both worlds: the HYBRID SHELL CONSTRUCTION combines the weight and comfort advantages of IN-MOLD technology with the robustness of the hard shell construction. In the event of a crash, the hard shell is not just highly durable, but also distributes the pressure across its surface. The extra-light IN-MOLD shell for the lower head wraps around the entire rear of the head to provide optimal protection. The final product is a premium helmet featuring state-of-the-art technology, a low total weight, outstanding comfort and an ABS outer shell for maximum durability, top ventilation and a fine look that will remain attractive even after hard use.
Clear visibility and cool head – The complex MarkAIR CHANNEL SYSTEM, which is used in all MARKER helmets, is the most advanced temperature control. It consists of a precisely calculated network of ventilation openings and air ducts and connects the outer shell ventilation with the inner channels in the EPS foam core. In this way, the MarkAIR CHANNEL SYSTEM “draws” the warm, moist air from the glasses and “sucks” them over the air ducts from the helmet, which prevents any misting of the goggle. At the same time, a pleasant, constant airflow is created, which flows through the entire system and automatically regulates it. This guarantees a cool head for every action, without having to manually intervene.
The ventilation within the helmet can be controlled using the adjustable 2 POSITION CLIMATE CONTROL (partially or fully closed). This works even with gloves on and while in motion! Move the slider to control the air volumes to match your own personal warmth preferences. Naturally the MarkAir CHANNEL SYSTEM will assist keeping your head warm and dry even if the controls are fully shut. When fully opened, the special vent design prevents the head from growing chilled.
All MARKER IN-MOLD and HYBRID SHELL helmets have an additional polycarbonate plate on their lower edge for extra protection in the event of a side impact. This also protects the helmet against dings and dents during transport or daily usage. The various models come with 180°, 270° or 360° EDGE PROTECTION.
Rotate to size – there’s no simpler way. The three-point construction on the rear of the head adapts to your personal head shape in seconds thanks to the adjustment dial. This translates not just into top wearing comfort, but also into a perfect yet pleasant fit. During a crash you want a helmet that sits just right and won’t slide around, giving your head true protection.
Technical performance lining that ensures optimal thermal efficiency. The textured material insulates against cold and, in the event of excess heat, the air is transported to the exterior. Beyond this, moisture is wicked outwards to prevent excessive sweating. Features: quickly removable and hand-washable in lukewarm water.
The revolution for helmet closures – extremely convenient to operate. The FIDLOCK OG SNAP is the first magnetic safety closure with a slider mechanism that can be opened and closed with one hand. This helps ensure an extremely secure hold in the event of a crash, yet can be operated very quickly even while wearing a ski glove and is designed to guard against pinching your skin.
The ergonomic design of the removable ear padding ensures a comfortable fit and very good thermal insulation. All ear pads (excluding KOJO) are naturally also AUDIO READY for all current systems, meaning they work with your sound system and/or mobile phone. They can be removed quickly to make it easier to hear what‘s going on around you. The EARPADS can be hand-washed in lukewarm water.
No slipping of the goggle strap, because the GOGGLE SAFETY STRAPS hold the goggles firmly against the helmet. Even if you push the goggles far back on your helmet, such as while on a lift, there’s no chance of them getting lost as long as the lock is closed.

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