Marker 3D+ OTIS Red – Red Plasma Mirror

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Light brown base lens including MARKER’s newly developed PLASMA MIRROR guarantees high contrast vision in sunny and slightly clouded conditions. The red high performance mirror is perfectly suited to absorb the most extreme bright lights.

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Everything about these goggles is new, with one innovation after another. The 3D+ OTIS introduces a completely new lens and clasp system that is the quickest and easiest lens-changing system in our collection. The CONVERTIBLE LENS TECHNOLOGY with an extra-large field of vision eliminates the annoying fumbling associated with lens changes. The three-point Click-In´n´Lock system allows for lightning-fast lens swaps. The 3D+ OTIS models are the first goggles to add an integrated 3mm MAP PROTECTOR layer to the extremely soft, triple-layer Xdry surface that contacts the face. During a crash it absorbs impacts, helping to protect the sensitive areas around the eye sockets and cheekbones. The flexible MAP layer molds itself perfectly to the shape of the face, ensuring that the goggles sit just right.


OTIS modells features a 3 mm MAP layer over the entire contact surface to reduce the forces at play during a crash. They are highly temperature independent and noticeably more flexible, promoting a fitted form and better wearing comfort.

We believe that goggles can play a real role in helping to prevent injuries, and thus must be re-engineered to do more to keep skiers and boarders out on the mountain. Studies have shown that the cheekbones, nasal bone and eye sockets are frequent casualties during ski and snowboard accidents. These are, coincidentally, the areas directly underneath a pair of goggles. If properly equipped, goggles can help prevent the worst from happening. The new 3D+ OTIS includes a 3 mm MAP layer all along its contact surfaces to dramatically reduce the forces applied to those areas during an impact. It works independent of the ambient temperature, is notably flexible and contributes to the unique custom fit and high level of wearing comfort.


The revolutionary lens fastening system for lightning-quick changes. The three-point closure system with supplemental magnet clasp works effortlessly, even when you leave your gloves on. Simply snap in the lens and the special hooks, then hold it securely in place. All 3D+ OTIS are delivered with an additional Clarity mirrored lens for use in poor or dark lighting conditions.
Extremely comfortable and extra soft! The three-layer XDry construction helps produce an optimal fit and outstanding performance. The soft external fleece layer that touches the skin absorbs moistures and transports it away from the skin.
MARKER has developed the revolutionary NMT OPTICS coating for all lenses (except 4:3). It works similarly to the extra membrane that many animals have to provide extra protection to their eyes. NMT OPTICS (Nictitating Membrane Technology) is an extremely scratch-resistant surface that always supplies the best possible visibility. It prevents water, grease or dust from sticking, and moisture wicks away immediately. Fingerprints, dust and sweat have no surface to cling to and thus are easy to remove. Our NMT-coated lenses offer crystal-clear visibility for years.
All goggle frames are outfitted with the progressive MarkAIR VENT SYSTEM. Design and air flow are engineered simultaneously so that there is perfect lens ventilation and the unobstructed flow of air is guaranteed along the helmet and its MarkAIR CHANNEL SYSTEM. This keeps the inside of the lenses dry and fog-free. The breathable foam behind the inlets and outlets reliably resist the penetration of snow and moisture.
MARKER DUAL BIONOMIC lenses are designed in a double-lens construction with an integrated thermal blocker. All lenses are oriented toward the curvature of the human eye to ensure that objects seen through the goggles look the way they really are. Unlike traditional, non-progressively tapered standard lenses, our lenses feature Bionomic Curve Lens Technology (quality class 1, ANSI Z87.1) that deliver undistorted light beams directly to the eye, which ensures 100% correct vision that doesn’t strain the eye.
Exterior lens (1) Depending on the goggle model, various materials are used to produce the exterior lens: all standard lenses are produced from robust polycarbonate and enhanced with an extremely scratch-resistant coating. They offer 100% UV A/B/C protection up to UV 400 nm. The polarized lenses on the high-end models are produced from TAC (Tri Acetate Cellulose). This makes them ever lighter, clearer and more scratch resistant. TAC lenses offer world-class visibility as well as 100% UV A/B/C protection up to UV 400 nm.
Inner lens (2) The inner lens is made of acetyl cellulose and is compression molded against the spherical outer lens as part of a heating process. This ensures that the shapes are congruent for 100% undistorted vision. The anti-fog and anti-reflex coatings are ‘embedded’ in the lens to prevent them from rubbing off over the long term. Thermal blocker.
The interior lens(3) also functions as a thermal blocker, creating an air barrier between the external and interior lenses. This thermal blocker compensates for differences in the temperatures, with the interior of the goggles constantly warm and dry – and fog-free.
MARKER goggles stand out for their perfectly fitting form and top functionality. The shape of the goggles frames and the materials used in the goggles play a decisive role in this. We manufacture all SUPERFIT FRAMES from high-elastic ELASTOGRAN (Made in Germany), which means the goggles automatically hug the contour of the wearer’s face. ELASTROGRAN retains its full flexibility regardless of how cold it is outside. The MARKER V-SPLIT NOSE also helps ensure that these goggles fit like no other, as they adapt to the shape of the nose automatically, and seal without pinching or pressing.
With silicon anti-slip coating
The high-quality, top-durability goggle straps distribute the pressure around the head for the perfect hold without irritating pressure points. Thanks to the heat applied silicon coating on the interior of the goggle straps, they sit rock-solid on any helmet for slip-free performance.
Polarized MARKER lenses made of TAC (Tri Acetate Cellulose) stand out for a visual precision superior to other lenses. They absorb a maximum of dispersed light to provide for an extreme contrast boost. The result is a reflection-free, more clearly defined view that allows you to see and assess the terrain more effectively.
Helmet and goggles must fuse together perfectly to work as one optimally functioning unit. To achieve this, MARKER products are 100% harmonized with one another. All helmets and goggles are designed to precisely tune into the shape of the other item and harmonize with its lines. This perfect adaptation is a requirement for optimal aerodynamic performance by helmet and goggles. The MarkAIR Channel ventilation system on the helmet, combined with the MarkAIR VENT SYSTEM on the goggles, ensures top performance and air flow. The ingenious system for air intake and outlet vents, combined with a network of channels in the helmet, reduces significantly goggle fogging and allows the wearer to customize the air circulation. The result: the temperature within the helmet is appropriate for both the exterior temperature and skier exertion levels.
All goggles (except 4:3) come in a lightweight neoprene box with a zipper to make transport and storage easier. The soft lining helps protect the goggles, while the vent holes allow for quick moisture evaporation.
A microfiber soft case is also included with the goggles for added protection in a backpack or jacket pocket. It also serves as the optimal tool for cleaning lenses.

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