Marker 3D+ MAP White – Blue HD Mirror

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CONVERTIBLE LENS TECHNOLOGY for lightning-fast lens swaps.


Total concentration on your riding: The polarized SMOKE base lens tint with BLUE MIRROR absorbs a maximum of stray light, boosting visual precision. The high performance lens for very bright days cuts glare and reduces eye fatigues.

Blue HD Mirror (Lens Only)

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CONVERTIBLE LENS TECHNOLOGY for lightning-fast lens swaps

The 3D+ MAP highlights several innovations, including a lens and clasp system that is the quickest and easiest lens-changing system in our collection. A layer of MAP padding between the goggle frame and the skier’s face means more protection during a crash, also allowing it to follow the shape of the face, ensuring that the goggles sit just right. During a crash, it absorbs and dissipates impact, protecting the sensitive areas around the eye sockets and cheekbones.

CONVERTIBLE LENS TECHNOLOGY eliminates the annoying fumbling associated with lens changes, with a three-point Click-In´n´Lock system for lightning-fast lens swaps. The 3D+ MAP offers top-notch engineering combined with stylish looks, with large spherical DUAL BIONOMIC lenses with NMT coating, for a wide field of vision. Its SUPERFIT frame with V-SPLIT NOSE adapts automatically to your face shape, so the goggles fit comfortably and securely every time. MARKER´s clarity mirror low light lens is included as a spare.


Large Fit


100% compatibility with helmet
Neoprene box plus microfiber bag

100% UV A/B/C Technology


– MAP Goggle
– Color Match
– MarkAIR Vent System
– NMT Optics (3rd eyelid)
– Dual bionomic spherical lense
– Convertible Lens Technology
– Xdry triple layer face foam
– Superfit Frame Design
– 45mm goggles strap with silicon anti-slip coating
– Marker Helmet/Goggle Integration

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