Respro® PRO-SEAL®

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This is Respro’s new polymer seal, the PRO-SEAL®. It provides an even better seal to your Respro® mask.

The PRO-SEAL® can be retroactively fitted into any Respro® mask no matter when you bought it, last week or 23 years ago. It provides improved sealing which reduces inward leakage.  Inward leakage (IL) is unfiltered air that gets in around the sides of a mask and filter because a mask fits poorly or just doesn’t make a proper seal (think earloop masks).

The PRO-SEAL® is not a mask, it requires a filter, valves and a mask shell, so don’t forget to get these essential parts from here.

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The PRO-SEAL® helps keep the filter away from the face which in turn increases the overall surface area of filter material to draw air through which not only reduces inhalation resistance but makes it easier to breathe through and more comfortable experience. PRO-SEAL® is more compliant and accommodates a wide range of face shapes.


  • Can be retrospectively fitted in any Respro® Sports mask
  • Available in three sizes, M, L, XL
  • Available in two colors, Black and White
  • Suitable for people who wear glasses


  • Accommodates a wide range of face shapes
  • Reduces inward leakage
  • Reduces inhalation resistance
  • Makes the mask easier to breathe through
  • Makes the mask more comfortable

Suitable for:

  • Active Sports including
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Jogging
  • and
  • Walking
  • Bob-sleigh too!

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