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The Faction Collective Presents British Columbia

The Faction Collective Presents: British Columbia. The first episode of a three-part video series following the team as they explore the corners of the world and the limits of freeskiing.

Nestled deep in the wilderness of Golden, BC, the team head out each day to discover new lines in an endless backcountry zone brimming with deep pow, pillow lines and ultimate good times.

Antti Ollila – Backcountry Debut

In BC, Antti Ollila harnesses the big mountains of Golden in his epic back country debut. A native of street skiing, Ollila has been scheming with Director Etienne Mérel about a location to transfer those urban skills to wide open spaces. The imposing peaks of British Columbia they decided, was the perfect place to bring it all together.

The Team

Joining Antti are North Americans Tim McChesney and Duncan Adams. No strangers to a killer back country segment, these boys lead the charge. Taking their freestyle maneuvers to natural features freshly loaded from the storm.

Prodigy 4.0

The backcountry weapon of choice for the boys is the Prodigy 4.0. This is a big ski capable of shredding steep lines with a freestyle flare. To check the specs of this ski and see how it might fit into your next back country adventures this season.


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