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KINGPIN, Marker KINGPIN with Stian Hagen

Marker KINGPIN with Peter Mathis

Marker’s flagship model with concentrated power for extreme touring Action! Marker KINGPIN!

Marker is particularly proud of its Kingpin. Sure they are, it is an outstanding binding!

Heel and toe pieces are the functional core of this masterpiece. Through it, you get the greatest comfort. Power transmission, pressure, trigger behavior, and pivot points are revolutionary! False releases get best reduced, particularly sporty drivers will appreciate this. Six instead of conventional four springs in the toe piece provide the boot with a bombproof grip. Compatible with all major ski boot models with Pintech inserts makes it easy to step in thanks to the Easy Step-In system. The ski boot tip is firmly anchored and dissolves only when the selected Z-Value is exceeded. For more foot comfort, the pivot point is closer to the toes. Therefore, you can walk more naturally and save yourself a lot of power for the following freeride-action!

The brake will lock automatically at the first step and is immediately ready again when you switch to the riding mode. The brake therefore never bothers you and is employed only when it is really needed.

As with every outstanding binding, you don’t need to step out of it while switching from climbing to downhill mode. This is especially advantageously in deep snow. In addition, the change of the angle of the heel piece is done easily with the ski pole. So you can choose between 0 °, 7 ° and 13 ° for your extra portion of comfort.

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