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The Faction Collective: #S03 Crash Edit

The Faction Collective

No guts, no glory. For every banger shot you gotta take a lot of hits. Here’s the best of the worst blood, sweat, and face plants that went into Season 3 of “We Are The Faction Collective”.

Athletes: Pablo Schweizer, Tim McChesney, Will Berman, Duncan Adams, Adam Delorme, Cody Cirillo, Giulia Tanno, Daniel Hanka, Simon d’Artois, Antti Ollila, Tom Granier, Arnaud Rougier
Locations: Verbier, Switzerland / Breckenridge, Colorado / Cerro Chapelco, San Carlos de Bariloche & Mallin Alto, Argentina
Editing & cinematography: Etienne Mérel
Additional cinematography & aerial footage: Martin Bernard, Blue Max Media, Julien Eustache
Soundtrack: Jane Austens – Fight Club

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