Footprint Painkillers Socks Knee High

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The pain killers feature three king foam inserts, two that cover your ankle bones and a large insert that covers your shin.

They look like normal socks when on but give you that all important protection against those dreaded shinners. FP MFG Painkillers socks are embedded with Artilage (Artificial Cartilage Foam) in the shin and ankle bone areas to protect from shinners. Artilage is a unique type of memory foam that becomes firm when impacted therefore allowing the socks to be comfortable and form fitting like a normal sock while still being very protective.

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They’ve used bamboo charcoal in these socks because it kills bacteria, thus reducing the smell after a long skate sesh, you could probably get a few days wearing them non stop before people start avoiding you.

45% bamboo fibres
31% bamboo charcoal
11% elasthan
11% elastic
2% polyester

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