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UNITED BY SKATE – VIII International Skate BMX and Inline Camp


2016 is going to be the 8th year that the international Skate-, BMX- and Inline-Camp United by Skate is happening in Chemnitz.

The last years we had groups coming from Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Macedonia and Brazil. The camp is funded by the program Erasmus+ of the European Union. The focus of non-formal learning activities within the exchange lies on the international charity project “United by Skate”.

About the Civil Association AJZ Chemnitz/Germany 

The association AJZ has more than 20 years of experience in the field of cultural, social and youth work funded by the municipality of Chemnitz in the south-east of Germany. With 13 professionals in 4 permanent projects, it´s political, social and cultural orientation and the focus on youth cultures it´s recognized within the whole region. The permanent projects are: the sociocultural youth centre AJZ (open youth work/nonformal education), a project of accompanied living for young people called “Basis”-, a Streetwork project in the city centre and the  Skate-, BMX and Inline-Hall “Druckbude. One focus of the projects in the field of nonformal education lies on intercultural learning and international youth work. The association AJZ manages the project “United by Skate”.

Date: 01.08 to 15.08 2016

Place: Alternative Youth Center Chemnitz (East Germany, Saxony)

Participating countries: Germany, Austria, Spain, Czech Republic, Macedonia

Meals: breakfast and dinner (snacks within the day)

United by Skate

Workshops: a variety of workshops including:

– Graffiti/Street art

– Ramp Construction

– International Music-Project/Band

– A presentation from each group about the history of the Skate/BMX/Inline in their country.

– In the focus of this year’s camp will be the inclusion of the foreign groups, to be more precise, Refugees Welcome! Because it is important to acknowledge that each different culture adds up to the variety, and it is diversity that brings us together!

Few events are happening as well:

– the annual Bring da Truckaz skate contest in the Konkordia skatepark on the 13th of August!!! The same day is happening a celebration//goodbye party after the contest.

– a road trip is usually organized, to a location which is known after we arrive in the camp, usually 3 days. In 2015 we went to Munster, and stayed at the Skaters’ Palace of Titus Dittmann.

– the annual music festival – HeyDayz, organized and happening inside the premises of AJZ

– each group has the task to cook dinner for everyone in the camp for one evening.

– the last night is PIZZA NIGHT

To apply for the camp from Macedonia please send your details to Hristina Gelevska (

More information on the following web-sites: or or or

Official Facebook event:


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