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Martin Ristevski – POPCORN SKATE CO. Part

Martin Ristevski - POPCORN SKATE CO. Part

Ohrid legend Martin Ristevski comes out with a new part for POPCORN SKATE CO in which he rips and dips the spots around the Ohrid riviera.

Hitting sketchy spots and rough terrain was bread and butter for the Ohrid crew for decades. And yet that lack of big plazas and spacy city squares became breeding ground for a tough new generation of skaters always searching for anything skateable to take that new slappy or no comply flat ground trick to the next level.

Martin starts off with a downhill powerslide in a neighborhood building, and to the relief of the local residents, continues the journey to the yard of one of the many hotels near town.

This part wouldn’t be possible without the support of the local gang: Mladza, Pikac, Martin, Dico, Krki Gjoro, The Young Gang, Manche, and more…


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