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Bring Da TruckaZ 2K17 Jam Video Edit

Bring Da TruckaZ 2K17

Recap of the C.R.E.A.M. session of Bring Da Truckaz 2k17.

Bring Da TruckaZ 2K17, a teaser from the amazing job the guys at the contest did, also you can take a glimpse at some of the guys and girls of Macedonia who kicked a*s on the contest.

Briefly, in the Ladies category, we have Maca Garcia Mera taking the first place and our girls Sara Manasieva (second) and Kika Stefanoska (third).


Bring Da TruckaZ 2K17


The premiere of a full Macedonian group video from camp and Bring Da Truckaz is coming soon.. Keep in touch!

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